Pink Dreams

pink geyser

pink cream

pink coat

pink architecture

pink grass

pink lips


pink  bag

pink sand

pink shells

pink pumps

pink sky

pink glitter

ice cream

pink hair

I didn’t love pink for a long time. You may hate it too, but when you see it around you, in the sky or under your feet, in these beautiful details…you can’t look up from it. Can you find more cheerful, tender and romantic color that fills this world with life and love?

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Довгий час я була байдужою до рожевого. Ви також можете його ненавидіти, та коли бачиш його довкола, у небі, під ногами, у цих прекрасних деталях…просто не можеш відірвати від нього свій погляд. Хіба є більш радісний, ніжний і романтичний колір, що наповнює світ життям і любов’ю?

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35 thoughts on “Pink Dreams

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Luís! There are many beautiful shades of pink, but only warm shades really suit me. It’s a bit “freaky” color.

  1. I can totally relate. I hated pink, it made me want to puke. but only recently have i started to appreciate it and how it lends softness in whatever canvas I’m looking at.

    [savorytouch blog](

    1. Thank you, Brigita! I always look for something inspirational. When I see beautiful pics I relax and get fresh ideas for future posts. I’m happy to inspire you!

  2. The color pink used to be hated by me too. But after I started to buy more and more things that are pink, like shoes, hats, purses, dresses and even couch in living room, I realised that this color brings romance and beauty, by just being there.
    Your blog is really beautiful, just like this post! 🙂

  3. OMG I’M DYING!!!!!!!!
    As a “pink girl” (lol) I loved so much this post, the last photo, the high heel… Everything.
    Mairanny is a “green girl” and I “pink girl”. The perf combo. Lol

    “Aka Rauny (@akarauny), social media manager

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