10 Killing Dresses of My Dreams

Retro dresses


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Наведіть курсор на зображення, щоб подивитися ім’я бренду.

Sophia Loren quote

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22 thoughts on “10 Killing Dresses of My Dreams

    1. A little red dress :). Great choice, Taylor! I wear pants so often, and sometimes forget about dresses or skirts. I’m planning renew my wardrobe before spring and buy a few feminine dresses, that’s why I’ve posted this in my blog 🌹

  1. Great choice of fab dresses on iconic women! The MMonroe gets my vote and also what is the name of the actress in that fab maxi embellished gown with the buttons at front and ribbon belt? I’m not familiar with her and love that look ( :

    1. Thank you very much for taking time to leave a comment!, Biki! 🌹The actress name is Ginger Rogers. She was a famous American actress, dancer and singer.

      1. Omg, Ginger Rogers, I am a huge Old Hollywooed fan so I know the name but the face never stuck coz honestly I was never into the Ginger Rogers n Fred Astair thang, I was more into Gene Kelly n Cyd Charisse (aka Legs)..( :

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