Announcement about Blog’s New Address

Dear friends! My blog moved to the new address

When accessing my previous adress you will be redirected to my new address.
Have a nice weekend! ❤️


Друзі! У мене важливе оголошення – мій блог переїхав на нову адресу

Тепер коли ви заходитимете на стару адресу , ви будете автоматично перенаправлятися за новою адресою.

Гарних вам вихідних! ❤️




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Hello! My name is Lesya and I'm a beauty, style and lifestyle blogger from Kyiv, Ukraine. Hello Lesya blog is my cosy space where I share everything I love: reviews on cosmetics, outfits, food recipes, travel reports and so on. I write my blog in Ukrainian and English and hope you'll find there something interesting and inspiring.

9 thoughts on “Announcement about Blog’s New Address

    1. Sure, it’s not a secret 🙂 When you buy a domain name all your followers are redirected to new address automatically. But first you should choose the primary domain.

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