Mysteries Of One Fortress


Hi, friends! Would you like to see an old Ukrainian fortress and feel yourself like heroes from Middle Ages? Let’s go with me.

In May I traveled to three interesting cities. First of them – a small city Khotyn in Chernivtsi region in Western Ukraine.

A large fortress (one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine) is situated there near the river Dniester. In 10th century Prince Vladimir Sviatoslavich had built the Khotyn Fort. This fort was rebuilt into impressive big fortress in 1325. It was located on important transportation trade route – ”route from the Varangians to the Greeks”.

Many historical battles occurred there and a lot of famous people walked on these trails. I had a strange feeling that I traveled through time and could see spirits of people, who smoked pipes filled with tobacco near this large stone walls.

We didn’t see crowds of tourists and met only few couples which were looking for adventures in this historical place.

This fortress is really mysterious! Just imagine this picture – green hills, blue sky, warm spring wind, river and castle that is located here for centuries! All travelers who see this fortress for the first time can create their own legends about this place and get a sea of positive emotions and impressions.




















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    1. I know that there are many beautiful castles in Wales that attract tourists. But this Ukrainian fortress isn’t so popular. We don’t appreciate what we have 🙂

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