Bee Pollen


I was born in a small village in a family of beekeepers. My dad has been working at an apiary during all life and he loves this job very much. My childhood was filled with sweet flavors of honey, pollen and wax. Honey is the main dessert on my mom’s and dad’s table in summer and winter.

My dad always smells of golden honey, propolis and smoke that he pumps into beehives with smoker to make the bees more drowsy. In summer my dad looks like a spaceman in beekeeper’s outfit. He is such funny! Thanks to him I know about apicultural products and about bee pollen as one of the most perfect natural foods and supplements.

It is used to support immune system and to improve the skin and hair. Bee pollen contains many minerals and vitamins that are presented in organic form. This product brings vitality and energy instead of cup of coffee in the morning. It contains protein, lecithin, vitamins, amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, enzymes, and all 22 elements and minerals needed by our bodies.

I use 1 tsp. of pollen in the morning before breakfast with water, herbal tea, juice, milk or milk banana cocktails. This ‘’ritual’’ helps to feel myself stronger and full of energy during the day.