Thermal Water Benefits



I use thermal water cosmetics for three years. My daily skin care includes dermatological cleanser, thermal water and moisturizing cream. I use natural oils as a skin moisturizer and I’ll tell about them in my future posts.

I’ll not give advice about brands, because this is your own choice and it depends on the type of your skin, budget and other criteria. I just wanna to tell you about products that suit me.

My skin is combination and sensitive and needs a thorough cleaning without irritation and a good moisturization. The thermal water products satisfy all my requirements.

Cleaning with thermal water gel Uriage is my first step after waking.  It is absolutely universal hypoallergenic product which is good both for babies and adults. The main three functions of this gel are cleansing, moisturizing and softening. It has no color and makes big foam. Also it has a fresh sea and a bit “chemical” scent. One more benefit of this product is an economical bottle (400 ml).

After cleaning I use a moisturizing cream Uriage Aqua Precis.

Several times a week I make a facial massage with natural oils (almond, cocoa, olive etc.), use a scrub with fruit acids and a clay mask.

During the day, especially in summer, I use the thermal water. It soothes, removes irritations and enriches the skin with minerals and natural antioxidants. This product is such important, as a glass of water for me.

Do I sunbathe? No, I don’t. I think this is unnecessary and bad for the skin. However, I don’t avoid the sun at all.

My results: fresh, purified and moisturized skin without irritation.

What can I recommend to my readers? Definitely it’s a thermal water. This product can compensate shortcomings of any cream.